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Time for a Change


Soo Locks – Red tape and federal bureaucracies have held back progress on the Soo Locks for over 30 years. Annually, more than 10,000 ships traverse the Soo Locks and over $500 billion worth of iron ore is shipped through Locks — making them vitally important for our regional and national economy. An unexpected long-term closure of the Soo Locks during shipping season would send the First District’s and all of Michigan’s economy in to a tailspin. This is why I secured bipartisan support to fund this critical piece of infrastructure and ensure Michigan stays at the forefront of the nation’s supply chain.

Rural Broadband – One of the biggest inhibitors of job growth in the rural areas of Michigan’s First District is connectivity. We cannot keep losing families and business professionals to other communities simply because we do not have access to reliable high-speed internet. I have consistently voted for initiatives that will close the gap and help bring critical infrastructure to our rural communities so no one is left behind.

Second Amendment

As your only 2nd Amendment candidate for Congress, I will continue to fight for your right to keep and bear arms. This is not up for debate. As your Congressman I will continue to fight Hollywood elites who believe that bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., should be able to control the constitutional rights of the men and women of Michigan’s First District.

Better Jobs

Jobs are one of the greatest needs for families in Michigan’s First District. That is why I have voted for pro-growth tax reform, cut over $8 billion in government regulations, and fought to bring our good-paying jobs back to the shores of the United States. Every Michigander knows that freedom leads to prosperity. We need streamlined regulations that help create jobs and economic growth. A less cumbersome regulatory system will mean higher wages for workers across our congressional district and more opportunity for all.

Protecting Life – From Birth to Natural Death

The first inalienable right described in the Declaration of Independence is the right to life, and the job of Congress is to protect our rights, not take them away. That includes the lives of those yet unborn. Rather than treating pregnancy or children as a problem, we should work together to create a society that welcomes them into our communities with loving and open arms. We must remember that every person is a unique child of God, full of potential. As a member of Congress, I will protect the unborn and move the pro-life message forward.


As someone who was personally involved in the fight to defend our country from terrorism, I know what the military needs to defeat our enemies. I have seen the horrors of war and understand that, under the Constitution, the most important vote a member of Congress can make is whether or not to send our troops into battle. I promise that I will only support the use of troops when it is absolutely necessary. When the threat requires the deployment of our military, I will ensure that our troops are trained and equipped to win decisively and return home to their families.


Thomas Jefferson once said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” He was right! The government monopoly on education for a large portion of Americans is a tragedy and should be viewed as the modern civil rights issue of our time. We need to offer education reform that supports more choice in education, from public schooling to home schooling. Everyone in the United States deserves a great education.


I believe our nation’s immigration policies should put the interests of our citizens and working families first. While we can continue to be generous, immigration is a privilege, not a right, and we should never allow it for people who intend to do us harm, or who violate our immigration laws and ‘cut in line’ to come here. Therefore, I am opposed to any form of amnesty for those who came here illegally.

Protecting our National Resources

We live where we do for a reason. This land that we call home is the most beautiful place in all of our nation, and we cannot allow our Natural Resources to be damaged. That is why I have successfully led the fight to ensure that all Great Lakes funding remain in place since taking office. I have fought to ensure a plan is in place to stop Asian carp from entering our Great lakes, and have introduced legislation to effectively control the Cormorants that are devastating our fish population. Through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, I helped secure the largest investment in the Great Lakes in over two decades — ensuring we protect our most important resource for generations to come.

Opioid Epidemic

In 2019 alone, more than 50,000 lives were lost to opioids. It stuns me when I realize that something intended to help people has also done so much harm to our nation. This is not a simple problem and there are no simple solutions, but Congress must take a comprehensive approach to target every factor in this issue. I will continue to engage with various groups in our communities so I can effectively address the issues specific to Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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