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What is a Precinct Delegate?

Precinct Delegates are perhaps one of the most important roles in politics. They are the first link
in the chain of elected base members. They are the people in your neighborhood, every voting precinct has a defined number of precinct delegate positions. The role of a precinct delegate requires attending a couple meetings a year, where you will have the privilege of representing your precinct to your county Republican Party. As a precinct delegate, you may get the opportunity to go to the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) state convention to vote for elected positions that are not on the primary ballot. Such positions are the leadership of the MRP, as well as voting for the candidates who will appear on the general election ballot such as, secretary of state, state board of education, university boards, and attorney general. These are very important, but often overlooked positions that the average voter does not get participate in nominating!

If you are looking for a way to give your voice more impact or increase the effectiveness of your current activism, I encourage you to consider becoming a precinct delegate today! Take a minute to fill out the form below to have a member of our team contact you.

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