Congressman Jack Bergman meets with Home Builders Association for ‘Bring Government Home Week’

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Labor shortages, the Soft Lumber Trade Agreement with Canada, Federal Tax Policy and improving low income tax insurance are all topics the Home Builders Association has concerns about and on May 3 they were able to discuss them with Congressman Jack Bergman (R) of the First Congressional District.

The main conversation at the meeting being labor shortages in skilled trade jobs like carpentry and construction.

“The idea is get our young kids interested in great skills and trades that’s going to allow them when they graduate from high school or tech school, to go out and get a job or they can raise a family,” said Representative Jack Bergman, Congressman (R) for the First Congressional District.

“Our next steps in the Home Builders Association are to stay involved in the schools,” said Sarah Schultz, Executive Officer for the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula. “We have student high school chapters, we try to get them connected with our builders, I think another step that we need to make is start getting involved at a younger age.”

After the meeting in Marquette, Congressman Bergman says he now has a good taste of what the Upper Peninsula needs.

“We’re the largest city in the U.P., so we’re going to have different needs here when it comes to not only labor shortages, but the need for housing, the need for building,” said Congressman Bergman. “I need to understand the bigger scale and the smaller scale.”

The Home Builder’s Association says after May 3rd’s meeting, they are confident the Congressman will take their concerns to heart.

“It’s nice having him up here just number one as our congressman to listen to us, but number two as a local Yooper,” said Schultz. “He’s passionate about issues up here.”

The Homebuilders Association says they will continue to stay in touch with Congressman Bergman as he takes their ideas and concerns to Washington, D.C.

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