Bergman donates pay during continuing government shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLUC) –¬†Congressman Jack Bergman (R-Michigan’s First District), has announced that he will be donating his pay accrued during the government shutdown to local charities.

Bergman decided to donate his pay during the shutdown to help those going without pay.

Friday is the 21st day of the government shutdown and should have been payday for federal workers.

Bergman says that the community has been rallying to help those who need it during the shutdown, but it’s the Democrats who have the power to end this shutdown.

“It’s the beauty of who we are as people to help others when we need it,” Bergman said. “The responsibility to end this lies strictly in the lap of the democratic elected leadership in the House of the Representatives. The weight of it lies on them.”

Bergman also encourages anyone with ideas or feelings about the shutdown to reach out to both their democratic and republican leaders in Congress.

By Catherine LeMier

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